Govardhana Puja Drama Script

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, Govardhana puja is one of the favorite Vaishnava festivals in our home. My children have always enjoyed making a huge Govardhana hill out of sand and earth. On one occasion, I made a needle-felted Govardhana hill that we like to display with our hand-painted peg dolls of Krishna, Balarama, and cowherd boys, which we used a lot for the storytelling and playtime when children were little. You can see the photos of our Govardhana Puja creations in this article Govardhan Puja Festival
I wanted to make drama for this year’s Govardhana puja festival, but my kids recently became hesitant to play in dramas. Then I got the idea to make an “audio drama” – which means we will divide the roles, read the script together, and create background sounds by ourselves. They approved this idea, and we have started practicing it with delight. My son has recently been trying to imitate different kinds of sounds, and this is an opportunity to practice his skill in the service of Krishna.
My daughter is going to make a drawing of a Govardhana hill, which we will display as a visual part of the drama.
There are different ways to make a drama with your kids, and this is one of them. If children do not feel like acting out, you can make this kind of drama and engage them in all sorts of artistic activities like:

  1. playing the instruments and singing for the background sound, and imitating sounds of birds, flute, cows, rain, and thunderstorms with their voice or hand clapping
  2. drawing, painting, or modeling with clay or paper for the visual display.
  3. practicing expressive reading skills
  4. helping to write the drama script or selecting each child to write some part of the script.

In our case, I wrote the script, trying to make it simple and easy for them to follow and read. It will serve as a model for writing more drama scripts in our homeschool this year.
I want to share the script with all of you, hoping it will inspire you and your children in the service of Giridhari Krishna. Please download it FOR FREE by clicking the button below.
Note: Handle one copy of the script to each child and mark with the colored pencil the part that it has to read. Mark the parts when it should imitate the background sounds, play an instrument, or sing.

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