Krishna’s Qualities Worksheets For Children (FREE Download)

When we celebrate Janmashtami with little kids, we can go into playing with puppets, dressing like Krishna, Balarama, and cowherd boys, making a play scene with puppets, or a kid’s altar, and reading a story. There are unlimited ways for little kids to engage them in playing about Krishna. Usually, you just have to start some activity in a playful way, and they join. After some time, they get into play which can last for hours. Sometimes I miss those times of playing with my kids that made me feel like being part of the pastime and getting me deeply involved as well. I remember my daughter asking me again and again to play the rasa-lila dance with our soft Gopal toys of Radha and Krishna. She enjoyed playing the “hide and seek game ” of Krishna and the gopies so much.
After some time, when they get older, we engage our kids in spiritual activities in a different manner. They can help in many practical services like cooking, decorating, and kirtan performance (little ones can and SHOULD help also, but sometimes it’s more a distraction than a help, lol!). As they get older, we try to find ways to engage their minds in thinking of Krishna and doing some projects, analyses, and research that would be interesting to them.
For this Janmashtami, I have chosen to deepen our understanding of Krishna’s qualities. It’s essential to understand what these qualities mean and that children learn to explain them in their own words. It’s not something that we can teach them for one day. It takes time over the years to realize how some quality manifests in certain behaviors. We have to talk about it when we analyze stories that we read and when we analyze the things that happen in real life. We can do it by asking questions, character-acting as part of our story analysis, by writing essays and worksheets.
I have prepared a set of 6 worksheets for children to analyze Krishna’s qualities. The first activity is to find the synonyms and antonyms (words with similar and opposite meanings) for each quality. It’s to help children to enrich their vocabulary. One worksheet has a list of given qualities and another is blank, in case you wish them to write some of Krishna’s qualities by themselves and then write synonyms and antonyms.
Another activity is to write the meaning of each quality on the list. It requires a bit of deeper thinking and practicing literacy skills. I hope this will help you and your kids to focus on Krishna and spiritual topics with joy and attention. You can download the worksheets PDF printables for FREE by clicking the button below.

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Happy Janmashtami to all!

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