Lord Varahadeva story for children

If you have an active kshatriya type of boy, the story of a fight between Lord Varahadeva and demon Hiranyaksha is a perfect choice to occupy their imagination. I presented a paper puppet show of this story a few years ago to my kids, and we repeat it every year for Varaha Dwadashi and a few more times during the year as well. And each time we revisit the story, my son remembers all the details (especially the weapons!).

In Bhagavata Purana 3.19.38 it is stated: “This most sacred story gives exceptional value, wealth, fame, longevity and everything that someone desires. On the battlefield, it increases the strength of vital organs and organs for action. He who listens to it in the last moment of life is transferred to the Lord’s supreme abode, O dear Shaunaka. “

I recounted here the simplified version of the Lord Varahadeva story that you can read or narrate to young children. 

You can download the story printable at the bottom of the article.

The fight between Lord Varaha and the demon Hiranyaksha

Once upon a time, terrifying earthquakes, storms, lightning, and thunder hit the Earth. Oceans, rivers, and lakes were agitated, and lotus flowers withered in them. Animals and people felt fear when they saw the darkness that enveloped the world. The cause of these miraculous events was the birth of two twin brothers, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. They were demons, strong and tall as mountains. As they were walking, the ground was shaking under their feet. They had a great desire to rule over all people and demigods.

One day, Hiranyaksha put a club on his shoulder and began to travel looking for an opponent to fight. However, the demigods hid in caves and shelters as soon as they saw him, overwhelmed with fear. Seeing this, Hiranyaksha roared triumphantly. To have fun, he dived into the ocean like a raging elephant. All the aquatic animals fled from him in terror. So Hiranyaksha showed his greatness without giving a single blow.

Wandering in the depths of the ocean for many years, Hiranyaksha finally arrived in the kingdom of the demigod Varuna, lord of the seas and aquatic creatures. Hiranyaksha bowed before the throne of Varuna, challenging him to a fight. Varunadeva replied, “I am too old to fight. Since you are so skilled in warfare, I do not see anyone other than Lord Vishnu who could oppose you in battle. To destroy evildoers like you and protect pious people, He takes the form of various incarnations, such as Lord Varaha.”

Hiranyaksha hurried to the depths of the ocean to find Lord Vishnu in the form of a boar. When the Earth fell at the bottom of the ocean, Lord Vishnu took the form of a giant boar to save her. He skillfully dug the bottom of the ocean and placed the Earth on His mighty tusks. Hiranyaksha approached Him without hesitation and rudely challenged Him to fight. However, Lord Varahadeva first wanted to bring the Earth to a safe place, so he ignored the demon challenge, angering him. But as soon as he placed the Earth in a safe place, Varahadeva turned to Hiranyaksha, ready to fight.

The demon and Varahadeva began to strike each other with big clubs, enraged and eager to fight. As they fought very skillfully they looked like two strong bulls fighting for a cow. Lord Brahma, accompanied by other demigods, came to observe this terrible battle for the good of the whole universe. Brahma and the demigods knew that the world would suffer under the cruel rule of demons if Hiranyaksha won. That is why Brahma began to encourage Varahadeva to end the battle as soon as possible and defeat the dangerous demon.

Although the demon seemed to be equal in power, the Supreme Personality of the Godhead is always stronger than ordinary living beings. Varahadeva invoked His most powerful weapon, the Sudarshana chakra, which was brilliant as millions of suns. A demon took the fiery trident and threw it at Varaha. But the Sudarshana chakra shattered the trident in flight into pieces.

Enraged by the failure, the demon resorted to his dark spells, hoping to confuse Varaha with them. With his magic, he covered the sky with dark clouds, started winds from all directions, and started throwing stones from the surrounding mountains. He summoned an army of terrifying demons armed with tridents that began to charge on horses and elephants. But Lord Varaha sent His Sudarshana chakra, which in one moment dispelled all demonic spells with its splendor.

Hiranyaksha then, in his last despair, began to strike Varahadeva with his bare fists. The Lord decided not to waste time anymore. He gave the last blow to the demon over his ear, from which Hiranyaksha fell dead to the ground.

The demigods clicked triumphantly and threw a rain of flowers at Varahadeva. Thus the Lord in the form of a boar saved the Earth and the whole universe from the terror of the great demon Hiranyaksha.

Whenever a demonic force prevails in the world, the Supreme Personality of Godhead appears to save everyone. As for the slain demons, they are purified by direct contact with the Lord and attain liberation.

Ideas for activities with children based on the story of Lord Varahadeva

Drama and art

Draw, paint, or model the Lord as a boar with clay, wax, or plasticine.

Make the weapons of Lord Varaha and demon Hiranyaksha out of cardboard paper or model them with clay, wax, or plasticine.

Act out the story or play with paper puppets of Lord Varaha and Hiranyaksha and their weapons.

Learn about some kshatriya rules of fighting (to fight only with weapons of the same strength, to never attack an unarmed enemy, etc).

Nature study and ecology

Learn about Bhu Devi or Mother Earth and the importance to treat her respectfully. Here you can include many earth-related topics such as types of relief, types of soil, ecological practices in everyday life, etc.

Make a model of the earth’s relief out of cardboard, homemade playdough, or sand.

Learn about boars and wild pigs in real life.

All glories to Dashavatara incarnations of the Lord!

If you want to download the printable story of Lord Varaha and the demon Hiranyaksha, please fill up and click on the form below.

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