Respecting Our Mothers – Earth And Cow

Today is a great day to remember and worship mother cow in whatever capacity we can. Whoever has a cow and treats her with love and respect as a mother is a very fortunate soul. In this dark age, we lack healthy dairy foods. And we know from the Vedas that drinking milk is very important for developing fine spiritual intelligence. Eating healthy food requires extra endeavor from us today since most foods on the market are chemically treated in one way or another. As things stand, things will get worse in the future.
If we think about the well-being of our children, we cannot omit this important aspect of their future. There is a real need in society to produce the food respecting mother earth and mother cow and to educate the children to do so. Generations of our children and our grandchildren may have to turn to life on the farms as the only healthy and meaningful way of living.
There are several things we can do today to start this kind of education for our children. We can:

Start producing our vegetables and fruits in the garden and engage the kids to help.
Talk to children about the difference between organic food and chemically treated food and their impact on our health.
Avoid using industrially processed food and dairy products and buy them from the local farmers (if you are not fortunate enough to have a devotee community farm nearby).
Start composting to reuse organic kitchen waste.
Do some craft with the kids using natural materials from your surroundings like leaves, twigs, nuts and nutshells, cones, corn husk, clay, wool, cotton, etc.
Feed the hearts of young children with nature stories that emphasize respect to mother nature and mother cow in relationship to God (you can always make up your own story – remember that little ones need simple stories about the living world around them).

If you need inspiration for today’s festival you can read my Gopashtami story on the blog here Gopashtami story for children

Happy Gopashtami to all!

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