Winter story for children

Some days ago we had a little snow here in Northern Serbia. Last year we had no snow at all, and children have been longing for some snow this year. They used those couple of days last week to be outside all day long playing, sledding, making snowballs, snowman, and snow fort. While they were having fun outside, I used the time to come up with a new story. It is a winter story for children with Krishna conscious unfolding. I have written it for the young children of preschool and early grades and was checking how my kids would react (10 and 8,5 years old). To my great satisfaction, they really liked the story. Seeing their eyes shine with curiosity and wonder at the end of the story, I knew my effort had paid off.

The story is about snowflakes landing down from the sky to earth. Five snowflakes represent the five senses, and the sixth snowflake represents a devotee. I wanted to present the transient nature of sensual enjoyment versus the eternal benefit of devotional service in a way easily understood by young children. You can use the story to guide a conversation about the senses and the way to use them in Krishna`s service. You can open a discussion about the mentality of each snowflake by analyzing their desires, and the difference between the sixth snowflake from others – what are the qualities that took her to get the mercy of the Lord at the end of the story.

Additionally, you can use this story as a part of learning about winter, snowflakes, water circles, and whether. You can make a lot of snowflakes art and craft, and use them as an altar or room decoration. Did you know that paper snowflakes could be a lovely backdrop for your home altar? We have tried it this year and like the result.

I hope that you and your children would enjoy hearing the story as we did!

Six little snowflakes

Six little snowflakes floated across the sky, snuggled together in a fluffy snow cloud. They flew over the bare forests and fields, above the country farms with barns full of corn and straw, above the townhouses in whose chimneys clouds of smoke swirled. Six little snowflakes watched the landscape on the ground and fantasized – which of these places would be their destination?

The first snowflake said: “I would like to land on the highest tree in the area and observe the whole country from its top.”

The second snowflake added: “I’d like to go down to the forest full of birds and listen to their sweet song.”

A third snowflake sounded: “I’ve always wondered what winter flowers smell like. I wish to fall on the petal of a fragrant flower and be intoxicated by its sweet scent.”

The fourth snowflake was a little louder than the others: “I have to admit I’m a little hungry. I’d love to fall on some birthday cake with a lot of whipped cream!”

The fifth snowflake sounded a little sleepy: “And I’d rather snuggle myself into the folds of a soft wool hat of some child who is playing in the street.”

The sixth snowflake was quiet and said nothing. The other snowflakes asked: “And where would you like to land down, dear sister?”

The snowflake spoke modestly, “I will be calm and content to fall wherever God has sent me.”

At that moment, the north wind began to blow and disperse the cloud in which the snowflake sisters were waiting to set off. All the snowflakes cried out with joy as they set out on their long-awaited journey down to earth. They enjoyed falling lower and lower, carried by a joyful whirlwind. At first, they held hands with each other. But soon, the wind separated them, and each of them headed for its destination.

The first snowflake landed on top of a tall fir tree in the woods on the hill. From there she could see the whole valley below her, with the field, the river, and the villages on its banks. A snowy carpet covered the landscape, glistening with a silvery glow under the rays of the pale winter sun. The sun was getting warmer, and the snowflake began to feel the warmth of its rays on her body. She noticed that she was starting to change her shape and shrink. Slowly but surely, she began to melt. The most beautiful scene occurred during the sunset. Snowflake was lucky to see the beauty of the purple sky just before she completely melted. “Ah, how much beauty I have seen today! It’s just a shame it lasted so short.” – thought the little snowflake, melting away.

The second snowflake landed in the canopy of dense conifers, which was the habitat of many small birds. The birds there found refuge from the cold. At the base of the tree, there were always a few crumbs of cones and nuts for them. The branches of the conifer tree vibrated from the loud chirping of birds. A snowflake enjoyed listening to their song all day long. When evening fell, the sparrowhawk quickly flew between the branches, and all the birds flew away. The snowflake swayed and began to fall to the ground. She landed on a pile of snow that has already begun to melt. As she has slowly melted, she thought, “How beautiful the bird song was! It’s just a shame it didn’t last a little longer.”

The third snowflake landed in a beautiful winter garden at the end of the village. There lived a woman who loved flowers very much. Since she took good care of the flowers, they bloomed and decorated her garden during all seasons. The snowflake landed on a yellow chrysanthemum flower that smelled so sweetly. She felt wonderfully intoxicated by that sweet scent. She enjoyed sitting in the middle of the fragrant flower all morning. At noon the sun began to shine brightly and warmly. Snowflake felt the sun’s warm rays melt her snowy body. She had time to reflect once more, “I’ve been enjoying the most beautiful floral scent that I could imagine! I’m just sorry it didn’t take a little longer.”

The fourth snowflake was watching the traces of some cake somewhere on the ground. There is no trace of the cake anywhere! Ah, she’ll have to settle for landing on a tree or a mushroom. As she flew under the roof of a house, she noticed an open window looking out into the pantry. There was a birthday cake on the pantry shelf. Snowflake couldn’t believe her eyes. Well, that’s exactly what she was looking for! She quickly flew inside through the window and landed right on the cake with the whipped cream on its top. Mmmm, how delicious the whipped cream was! The whole snowflake sank into the whipped cream and rolled over it, licking it from all sides. Being very small and light, she barely left a slight mark on the creamy surface, which no one even noticed. Soon, the mother came for the cake and took it to the room where her son was celebrating his birthday. A hot stove was burning in the room, and the snowflake felt the heat permeate her snowy body. She started to melt and pour into the cake she had been tasting for a while. Before she completely melted, a thought went through her mind: “How delicious bite this was! I would be so happy if I could still enjoy it!”

The fifth snowflake fluttered sleepily in the wind, looking for some soft hat to land on it. She came near a playground on the snow where the children were snowballing and sledding. She noticed a soft woolen hat on the head of a little girl and decided to land down on it. She clung to her hat and enjoyed swinging as the girl sledded down the hill. The girl was playing outside the whole morning and went back home at noon. Before entering the house, she shook off the remnants of snow from her hat and clothes, but the snowflake gripped the wool firmly and did not allow itself to be easily shaken off. That’s how the snowflake entered the house together with the girl. But it was much warmer inside the house than outside. The snowflake felt slowly spilling between the wool fibers. Before she completely melted, the snowflake thought: “How soft and comfortable I was on this woolen bed. I’m so sorry I can’t take a nap here any longer!”

When the sixth snowflake began to fall to the ground, she said a prayer to herself: Dear God, please protect me and take me to where I should be! And her journey began. She flew over fields and villages and began to descend toward a beautifully decorated building in the small town. She was intrigued by what kind of building it was and began to land on its window. When she looked inside through the window she saw a beautiful sight. She saw an altar on which stood two dazzling figures. One was bluish and stood in a charming pose playing the flute. The other was white as porcelain, dressed in a sumptuous dress, holding a flower in her hand. They wore colorful flower garlands around their neck. Many fragrant flowers were placed as a decoration around their feet. The snowflake could feel the sweet smell of all those flowers. The temple room was filled with melodious singing. A snowflake could not clearly guess where the singing was coming from. But she felt like the sound overwhelms her with an inexplicable feeling of bliss. Then she saw a devotee bring a plate of sweets and offer them to the Deities on the altar. Snowflake wondered: who are these brilliant personalities? I feel so happy as I watch them and as they watch me. I would love to stay here forever!

Around noon, the sun began to heat up more and extend its rays towards the window where the snowflake was standing. The snowflake began to feel the first signs of melting. With tears in her eyes, she looked once more at the beautiful scenery on the altar and thought: I am the most fortunate snowflake that has ever existed since I saw this divine beauty! Now I can melt and disappear in peace …

However, instead of melting into a drop of water, the snowflake began to take on an unusual form. She was astonished to see that she was taking a human-like form. Then she noticed a golden airplane approaching her from the sky. Two dazzling creatures came out of the airplane extending their arms toward her: We have come to take you home!

And the snowflake went back home, back to Godhead, to be with Lord Krishna forever.

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